Belgrade demands full implementation of Brussels agreements

Marko Djuric said late on Wednesday that Belgrade is demanding the full implementation of the Brussels agreements reached in talks with Pristina.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

"We expect and the demand full implementation of the Brussels agreements, we demand from the international community the full implementation of these agreements. Nobody asked us when that constitution (of Kosovo) was passed. We ask that the agreements be fully respected," the director of the Serbian government's Office for Kosovo told RTS.

His reaction came after it was announced in Pristina that the Constitutional Court of Kosovo ruled agreement on the Community of Serbian Municipalities was "not fully in accordance with the spirit of the constitution of Kosovo" - especially the articles on equality before the law and fundamental rights and liberties.

The court gave agreement to establishing the ZSO "noting that the Kosovo government should bear in mind the findings of the court when adopting the decree, which is to be forwarded to the Constitutional Court," Beta reported.

President Atifete Jahjaga referred the agreement to the Court for a constitutional review in late October following a series of opposition protests.

"Respect the court's decision"

The Kosovo government announced on Wednesday that it "binds itself to implement a Constitutional Court ruling" on the Community of Serb Municipalities, urging all political stakeholders in Kosovo, including the opposition, to respect the court's decision.

The ruling will be implemented in stages related to the work on a statute and a decree on the Community, the Kosovo government said in a statement.

It is crucial that legal requirements are met and that all political stakeholders return to debates within institutions, primarily the Assembly of Kosovo, the statement said.

Kosovo's Constitutional Court announced Wednesday that it has decided that the Community will be established in accordance with a Belgrade-Pristina agreement from late August, but ascertained that some principles of the agreement are not in full compliance with the constitution.


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