Director of "Batut" Institute: This is not good at all

Last week, there was growing number of positive cases in relation to the total number of tested, the head of the Institute for Public Health "Batut" said.

Source: RTS
Tanjug/AP Photo/Dmitri Lovetsky
Tanjug/AP Photo/Dmitri Lovetsky

"Since it was a weekend, and it is known that a smaller number of people go to the doctor for testing on weekends, at the moment we have data that every fourth person tested is positive. However, analyzing data from individual laboratories, we see that the percentage and the share of positives is growing, which is not a good figure", Verica Jovanović said.

She added that this is not the only parameter that shows the severity of the epidemic situation that is monitored on a daily basis, but also the situation in hospitals and the number of first examinations in COVID clinics.

"The number of first examinations in outpatient clinics is growing. Also, the number of hospitalized patients, which exceeds 3.500, is also significant. It keeps growing. We have a large number of patients on respirators. The epidemiological situation assessed on all parameters is under control, but warns that the measures should be as intensive as possible", stated Verica Jovanović.

A large number of patients in hospitals in Batajnica and Krusevac

Jovanovic stated that the two specialized hospitals in Batajnica and Krusevac currently have a larger number of patients and that it is necessary to monitor the severity of the clinical picture of patients admitted to the hospital.

Speaking about the tightening of measures, Verica Jovanović appealed to each of us to apply personal protective measures.

"Masks are an integral part of our behavior and our way of protection against transmission. The virus is still present in the community. It is especially manifested after certain gatherings, after non-compliance with measures," said Jovanović.

As she stated, the "Batut" Institute appeals for vaccination to be carried out as much and as intensively as possible.

"This example we have in our country is a great benefit. First of all, it is a measure and a way to go towards the goal, towards controlling the spread of infection.


Lockdown for the weekend?

The session of the Crisis Staff is scheduled for tomorrow, and it will discuss the current epidemiological situation in the country. Two potential scenarios.

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