Tents in front of Belgrade health centers

In order to make it easier for patients to wait, tents will be set up in front of Belgrade's COVID clinics

Source: Tanjug
Tanjug/VLADIMIR ÐOKOVIC/Ilustracija
Tanjug/VLADIMIR ÐOKOVIC/Ilustracija

This was announced today by the representatives of the City of Belgrade and the Ministry of Health in front of the Old Palace, where, in the presence of the director of the capital's health centers, one such tent was set up.

Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić said that the City, in cooperation with the relevant ministry, provided 20 tents for Belgrade's health centers and clinical-hospital centers, where COVID-ambulances are located.

"In this way, we wanted to give our contribution, so that people who come for testing, in front of the COVID ambulance, have a space that will be heated and where they can get away from bad weather conditions that are surely waiting for us in the coming period," Vesić said.

He stated that the City will continue to cooperate with the Ministry of Health and the directors of health centers, because, he added, everyone is fighting together to protect the public health of the population and to get out of the coronavirus epidemic as easily as possible.

The President of the Assembly of the City of Belgrade, Nikola Nikodijević, said that the City of Belgrade has been actively involved in the assistance system led by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, and the government since the beginning of the epidemic.

"From the first day, we procured protective equipment for our health centers, clinical-hospital centers, institutes. We are constantly trying to help health workers in this fight, as much as we can and as much as the legal conditions allow," Nikodijevic said.

He stated that a large number of people are waiting for examinations in health centers, where, he added, several thousand patients who are suspected of COVID-19 are examined daily.

"Given the worse weather conditions, we thought that these people should have a decent space in which to wait for the examination," Nikodijevic said.

He pointed out that by the end of the week, additional equipment will be provided for health workers, and above all for triage nurses who work in the open space with patients.

The State Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Aleksandar Stefoski, said that this is another example of cooperation between that ministry and the City of Belgrade, for the benefit of fellow citizens.

"I hope that this cooperation will be so successful in the future, all with the goal that our citizens have the best and equally accessible health care," he added.

The director of the Rakovica Health Center, Dobrila Vasić, on behalf of the directors of all Belgrade health centers, thanked the City of Belgrade and the Ministry of Health.

She pointed out that these tents will mean a lot to patients who, she added, "are waiting in large numbers in front of the COVID ambulance, because they will have a place to shelter from rain and snow. In that way, we will at least ease their already difficult situation", Dobrila Vasic said.


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