This is a state of war, but decree limiting release of information will be withdrawn

Serbian Government will revoke the decree on releasing information about the coronavirus pandemic during the state of emergency, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said

Source: Tanjug
Foto: TV Prva, screenshot, arhiva
Foto: TV Prva, screenshot, arhiva

Brnabic said Serbia had done everything to keep Serbian citizens informed in a timely manner and that no information would be hidden from the public, but that it would withdraw a recently adopted decision "to avoid casting a shadow on everything that has been done so far".

"Although I believe this regulation protects everyone, citizens, medical professionals and families, from fake news and unverified information, so as not to cast a shadow over everything we have painstakingly done, the government will withdraw this decree today before the Crisis Staff session", Brnabic said.

She says she believes that with the withdrawal of this decision, the state will spend much more time combating fake news, which she says is being placed on a daily basis.

In this regard, she mentioned the false news on the 24-hour restraining order, that SNS activists seeking money to bring assistance, and that there was no equipment in the clinical centers.

"We will fight this hard, we will need extra effort," Brnabic said, adding that this state of emergency in Serbia is indeed a state of war.

The Government of Serbia has adopted a Pandemic Information Conclusion which omits the centralization of public information on a pandemic during a state of emergency.

The decision stipulates that all information regarding the pandemic is to be reported to Prime Minister Ana Brnabic or a person authorized by the Crisis Staff.


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