"Tornado" near Indjija wreaked havoc? Two people killed, highway closed VIDEO

Due to extremely bad weather, two people were killed in a car accident on the Belgrade - Novi Sad highway in the direction of Belgrade in the zone of road works

Source: RTV

Three children suffered injuries.

Around midday today, a strong wind hit the Indjija area and caused complete chaos and collapse. Police believes the tornado-like storm was not the cause of the crash.

The Novi Sad - Belgrade highway is currently closed in both directions at the Indjija loop, media reported.

The footage sent by the citizens shows the devastating power of the wind.

This morning, RHMZ issued a warning that a storm will blow in southern Banat, occasionally with gusts of more than 24 meters per second.

A yellow meteorological alarm is in effect, under which weather is considered dangerous. While weather events that are forecast are not uncommon, caution is required if you plan activities that are exposed to meteorological risk.

"The accident occurred when the truck struck the left side of the Mercedes with the Austrian licence plates, which was turning on to highway from the stop lane", the police said.

It is unknown when the traffic will be normalized.

The AMSS recommends that drivers heading for Novi Sad use alternative route via Ruma and Iriski Venac.

Traffic is less than two hours out of use, and as expected in the AMSS, it should be regulated soon.


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