Serbian Orthodox Church:Make a Parade but use your own money

Serbian Orthodox Church have stated that they are against the Pride Parade.

Source: Tanjug

Serbian Orthodox Church have stated that they are against the Pride Parade, but also that its participants "have the right to parade, but only on their and their customers' expense."

"You have the right to make the Parade, but only at your own cost and expense of your principals, no matter how they are called, and both the cost for the organization of the Parade, and for security, but not at the expense of Serbia - bombed, destroyed, morally and economically crippled, impoverished, flooded, nailed to the pillory", it is said in the statement given by the Serbian Orthodox Church which was signed by Patriarch Irinej.

The Serbian Orthodox Church have condemned the announced organization of the Parade which they see as "unbelievable gathering imposed on Serbia and Belgrade."

"Is it because of essentially absurd grandstanding that the state should spend millions in the current poverty to secure a handful of citizens and their guests for the parade of several hundred meters in the center of Belgrade" , it is said in the statement issued by the Serbian Orthodox Church.

"These days, the unbelievable gay parade is again being imposed to Belgrade and Serbia. The organizers of this grandstanding and their mentors from Europe do not want to learn from what the last parade caused," said the Patriarch, and warned of the dangers that a parade could cause "to both sides."

Previous parades, as it is also said in the Statement, caused the resistance of the vast majority of citizens, rioting and causing aggression, awakening chaos and destructiveness in some sections of society, especially among the younger population.

Serbian Orthodox Church have asked the organizers and participants of the parade if the protection of their privacy rights can and must be exercised by causing "humiliation and oppression of the moral sentiments of the vast majority of mankind."

"If the gay sexual orientation is justified and should be propagated, then why the same is not true for pedophilia, widespread in the Western world, as well as incest ... Why is their right less important than the so-called right of your sexual (dis) orientation" says the Serbian Orthodox Church.

The Church also asks the participants of the Parade: "Are you so blinded by your lust and selfishness, that you do not mind putting the whole state apparatus in your service and imposing to it high and unjustifiable costs of organizing the Parade ".


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