Maternity ward receives donation from B92-led campaign

The B92 Fund and Komercijalna Bank humanitarian campaign "Together for the Babies" continued on Friday when new equipment was donated to a Belgrade hospital.

Source: B92

The Gynecology and Obstetrics Ward of the Clinical Center of Serbia thus became the second medical institution that received medical equipment thanks to this joint campaign.

The bank's clients directly increase the campaign's funds by using debit and credit cards instead of cash when making payments, incurring no extra costs to themselves.

Namely, for each payment made by its clients in this way, the bank sets aside RSD 2 toward the campaign to renovate maternity wards in Serbia. The campaign will last through December 31.

"We are very happy and proud because 'Together for the Babies' truly justifies its name. Thanks to our customers and together with our partner - the B92 Fund, we were able to just a month after the first donation once again provide conditions for better care and a sense of security to future mothers, better working conditions for the staff. And we do not intend to stop there - see you soon in Knjaževac," said Slavica Đorđević, a member of the Executive Board of Komercijalna Bank.

So far, in the campaign "Battle for Maternity Wards" raised cash and equipment worth more than EUR 2 million, fully equipped 11 maternity and child clinics (two clinics in Novi Sad, and in Sremska Mitrovica, Užice, Kragujevac, the KBC Zvezdara in Belgrade, Kraljevo, Vršac, Pančevo, Šabac and Leskovac). Another 47 maternity and children's clinic are awaiting new equipment.

Chairman of the B92 Fund Board Veran Matić was also present when the hospital received the donation today, to say: "I'd like to point out that this is one of the best collaborations we've had so far in this campaign. 'Battle for Maternity Wards' encountered small problems, because large resources are needed to bring it to a completion, but by joining forces, the results are seen immediately. We continue until all maternity wards have been renewed."

Friday's donation included ten infusion and syringe pumps and a probe with accessories for two CTG devices.

Thanks to the bank's clients who since June 1 realized more than 3.5 million transactions via POS terminals, the maternity ward received equipment to improve the level of health care it provides.

Prof. Dr. Saša Kadija, deputy director of the clinic, thanked everyone and confirmed that this donation will further enhance the work of the medical staff, but also the treatment of all pregnant women at the clinic:

"We are the largest maternity hospital in the region. Annually over seven thousand births are done here. But it is necessary to provide and care for premature babies, or those that unfortunately have health problems. The donation of equipment we will surely make us more successful in carrying out this task."

The exact amount of donations, and monitoring of the results of the campaign can be done via a transactions counter on the bank's website



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