The government decided: Cetinje monastery is ours

The Montenegrin government has instructed the Cadastre and State Property Administration to implement the 2005 decision without delay.

Source: B92

According to that decision, the day before today's session of the Cetinje Assembly, which will consider the initiative to hand over the Cetinje Monastery to the non-canonical CPC, the government ordered the Cadastre and State Property Administration to transfer the Cetinje Monastery to state ownership without delay.

The Cetinje monastery is now registered as the property of the Municipality of Cetinje, because the decision made in 2005 has not been implemented.

Also, they were ordered to enter a note of alienation and encumbrances in the list of real estate, Podgorica's Vijesti reported.

Decision implemented

The Administration for Cadastre and State Property has registered a ban on alienation on all buildings and plots used by the Cetinje Monastery.

The Administration for Cadastre and State Property did that on the basis of the government's conclusion to implement the decision from 2005 without delay and to register the Cetinje Monastery as state property in the list of real estate.

Confusion in Cetinje

At the very beginning of today's session, the Assembly of Cetinje announced a break of 40 minutes. On the agenda, it is announced to consider the initiative of a group of citizens for the transfer of the Cetinje Monastery from the ownership of the City to the non-canonical CPC.

The basis for the discussion is a petition signed by 600 citizens of Cetinje, i.e. three percent of adult citizens with the right to vote.

The Cetinje DPS said that they would try to protect the interest of the citizens.


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