The situation is alarming - the lock down of the Montenegrin capital possible

A member of the medical staff and Director of the health center in Podgorica, Nebojsa Kavaric, haven't ruled out the possibility of closing the capital today.

Source: Tanjug

There are currently 118 active coronavirus cases in Podgorica. "The epidemiological situation and the growth of the number of patients in Podgorica is worrying. If the citizens are not responsible and do not reduce their daily obligations, we will propose to the NKT the introduction of additional measures for the area of Podgorica," Kavaric said.

"We will propose that in order to prevent further escalation of the number of patients, which could jeopardize the functionality of the health system," Kavaric stated, emphasizing that he does not exclude the option of locking down the capital, even though it is in the domain of the epidemiological service.

He recommends that the services of catering facilities should be used by citizens only when absolutely necessary, with recommendations that apply to all other indoor facilities, such as wearing a mask, distance and washing hands.

In the last 24 hours, another 61 cases of COVID-19 have been recorded in Montenegro, most of which are from Rozaje, the Montenegrin Institute of Public Health announced.


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