Bosnia woman fails to pay for taxi ride across Europe

A woman from Bosnia-Herzegovina arrived in the town of Doboj, in Bosnia's Serb entity, the RS, in a taxi she took at a railway station in Brussels, Belgium.

Source: Nezavisne novine

Her taxi fare came up to 4,730 euros - but according to Banja Luka daily Nezavisne Novine, she only paid the driver 260 euros.

For this reason, the local police in Doboj will file a criminal complaint against the woman, whose initials are S.P, on charges of fraud.

Her alleged victim is the taxi's driver, A.A., a Belgian citizen.

"During the ride she gave the driver about 260 euros. Once they arrived in Doboj, she was supposed to pay 4,470 euros more, which she did not do as her daughter, who was supposedly to pay the remainder of the fare, was not in the apartment," the Center for Public Security in Doboj said in a statement, adding that the case was reported on May 29.


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