EU: "It's time to complete the whole process"

European Union spokesman Peter Stano said today, on the ninth anniversary of the signing of the Brussels Agreement, that it is time to move forward.

Source: Tanjug
Shutterstock/Milan Adzic
Shutterstock/Milan Adzic

He stated that the process of dialogue on the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina needs to be "successfully completed".

In a statement for Tanjug, Peter Stano pointed out that by signing the Agreement, Belgrade and Pristina undertook important international obligations and pointed out that both sides must fully implement everything that was agreed.

"The EU and member states expect rapid progress from both sides, as well as Belgrade and Pristina to get seriously involved in it. The European Union and member states also expect both sides to fully implement all agreements already reached," Stano said.

He added that the EU continues to work with the parties in the dialogue in order to reach, as he said, "a comprehensive agreement on the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia", while dealing with all remaining key issues.


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