Party urges inclusion of Spain in Kosovo negotiations

The United Pensioners' Party (PUPS) has proposed that Spain be included, within the team of EU mediators, in the Brussels dialogue of Belgrade and Pristina.

Source: Beta
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In a statement carried on Wednesday by Beta, the party, which participates in Serbia's government coalition, suggested proposing to the state leadership to extend "the same diplomatic and friendly invitation" to other EU members that do not recognize Kosovo as independent - i.e., Slovakia, Romania, Cyprus, and Greece.

"Serbia must make use of all international circumstances that currently go in its favor, and in particular EU's resolute position not to recognize the independence of Catalonia because it is not in accordance with the Constitution of the Kingdom of Spain. The only language that Europe understands perfectly, and which Spain has warned about, is the sacred rule of property," the party said.

The PUPS also thinks that this is the ideal moment for Belgrade negotiators to put forward for the next round of dialogue on Kosovo in Brussels "precisely the issue of protecting the property of the state of Serbia, citizens of Serbia and the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) in Kosovo and Metohija."

According to cadastral books from 1999, out of 1,090,410 hectares of land in Kosovo and Metohija, social, private and church property amounts to 641,071 hectares or 58.79 percent, and the value of this is estimated at 220 billion euros, the party said.

The PUPS added that ethnic Albanians have usurped about 80 percent of this property - "and, for example, in four municipalities alone (Pec, Klina, Istok and Orahovac) they illegally occupy 76,000 plots of land owned privately by Serbs, while in the entire territory of Kosovo about a million such plots of arable land, meadows and forests, whose value is estimated at 50 billion euros."

"A special item in these talks in Brussels should certainly be the lost profit of Serbian companies because of the inability to use their capacities in Kosovo and Metohija. Thus, EPS (electric utility power company of Serbia ) alone loses 170 million euros of revenues in Kosovo and Metohija annually, which over the previous 17 years came up to as much as 2.9 billion euros in lost revenue," said the PUPS.


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