BIA: Serbia safe, migrants "not involved in conflicts"

Serbia is a safe country, Director of the Security Information Agency (BIA) Aleksandar Djordjevic said Friday.

Source: Tanjug

According to him, "so far it has not been established that any of the migrants passing through the country were involved in the Syrian conflict."

"We keep records of certain groups of individuals among the migrants, and so far we have not established that any of these individuals are in any way connected to the war in Syria," Djordjevic told a press conference.

If such individuals are identified, the authorities will react appropriately, in accordance with the laws and principles concerning this issue, as agreed with our partners, added Djordjevic.

Serbia is a safe country, and no excess situations were reported, he said.

Djordjevic underlined that the regional security cooperation is very good, pointing to a high level of information exchange, joint panels and sessions, as well as direct communication lines.

The cooperation in the security sector in the region of the former Yugoslavia has been raised to a very high level, Djordjevic said.


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