British resolution "meant to pin label of genocide on Serbs"

The changes made in the fourth draft of a British resolution on Srebrenica are "for the most part cosmetic," Russian Ambassador Aleksandr Chepurin has said.

Source: Tanjug

Such changes "do not contribute to inter-ethnic reconciliation," he remarked on Friday, and added:

"For the most part, the essence of the resolution is to pin the label of genocide on Serbs and Serbia. We know full well what happened in the former Yugoslavia, and who took part in flaring up those inter-ethnic passions, which led to tragic events."

"Those same are now trying to assign their guilt to Serbs as genocide, which is not good," said Chepurin.

The ambassador stressed that the content of the British draft, that should be tabled at the UN Security Council, is "a fabrication and a distorted version of events that will not contribute to reconciliation in the region." According to him, Russia has taken a firm stance on this issue, "and is working actively to make sure it is (resolved) in the interest of Serbia."

Chepurin stressed that his country was aware of "the serious efforts Serbia and Serbian leaders have been making during the past years for the sake of reconciliation in the region and normalization of relations with the neighbors."

"All these versions of the resolution do not change those things that Serbia is opposed to," remarked Chepurin.

He added that Russia has proposed its own draft that is different "on two most important points" - it pays respects to all the victims of the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia, and urges that everything is done to secure peace in that area in the coming period.

Chepurin further stressed that "all is now up to how mature Serbia and its diplomacy - that should conduct dialogue on this issue with UNSC member-states - are."

"Serbia has plenty of friends and the question is not who will be against, but who will abstain from (voting for) the resolution, while Russia is confirming it is Serbia's friend and strategic partner, and that it takes into account the interests of the Serb people," the diplomat said.

"When we speak about Serbia, we speak about the issue of regional stability and peace in the region," he stressed, and added that their position on the draft will "in a certain way be a friendship test for all countries toward Serbia."

Chepurin also stated that Russia is "making an effort to take into account, to the highest degree, everything that Belgrade says now and will be saying in the future."

The ambassador made his comments on Thursday as he was visiting the town of Golubinci, where the Russian Railways company - RZD International - will repair an elementary school.


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