Seven years since Kosovo's unilateral declaration

The central celebration will be held in the assembly in Pristina on Tuesday to mark seven years since the unilateral declaration of independence of Kosovo.

Source: Beta

During the day wreaths will be laid at the monument to the first president of Kosovo, Ibrahim Rugova, the first commander of the KLA Adem Jashari, and there will also be a reception for the diplomatic corps and representatives of institutions.

The Kosovo Philharmonic will give a concert, while municipalities will organize the placing of flowers on the graves of the fallen in the war, hold special sessions, and in the evening organize outdoor music programs.

Mayor of Pristina Spend Ahmeti announced that this year the municipality will not allocate funds for the celebration "because there is no money" and because "the country is faced with a large departure of its citizens to Western European countries", something that opposition parties strongly criticized.

At the same time, government spokesman Minister of Labor and Social Protection Arban Abras said that the anniversary will not be marked by any "special events."

Kosovo President Atifeta Jahjaga and the citizens received messages of congratulations from U.S. President Barack Obama and Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, the Beta agency is reporting.

Seven years ago, on 17 February, the assembly in Pristina unilaterally, by acclamation, declared Kosovo independent - something that has so far been recognized by 110 countries. Serbia said that the proclamation that concerned its southern province was a violation of its Constitution and territorial integrity.

On the first day after the proclamation, Kosovo was recognized by eight countries: the first was Afghanistan, followed by the United States, France, Albania, Turkey, United Kingdom, Australia and Senegal.

The declaration adopted by the assembly stated that "an independent Kosovo would be dedicated to peace and stability" and was "formed the basis of the Ahtisaari plan."

The prime ministers of Kosovo and Serbia on April 19, 2013, after talks brokered by the EU in Brussels, signed an agreement on the normalization of relations between Belgrade and Pristina, which has since been implemented, and continue negotiations on resolving a number of problems.


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