Start of EU talks "historic for Serbia and W. Balkans"

The EU-Serbia intergovernmental conference scheduled for Jan. 21 will be a historic moment both for Serbia and the Western Balkans, says the Greek ambassador.

Source: Tanjug

Ambassador Constantine Economides made the comments on Wednesday in the light of the official start of the Greek EU presidency.

"This will officially mark the start of the accession negotiations between the EU and Serbia. It will be a historic moment both for Serbia on its EU pathway and the enlargement process in the Western Balkans as a whole. Greece intends to offer full support to Serbia in the process of the EU accession negotiations," the ambassador told Tanjug.

Greece will officially assume the EU presidency for the fifth time at a ceremony in Athens, Economides noted.

The previous Greek presidencies were historically related to important steps in the EU integration process. The goal of the country's current presidency will be to achieve tangible results in the priority areas: job creation, EU integration, eurozone, borders, mobility, migrations, and the EU Integrated Maritime Policy, the ambassador said.

Greece's previous EU presidency in 2003 saw the adoption of the Thessaloniki Agenda for the Western Balkans, which confirmed the European perspective of the regional countries and specified the priority steps that the countries should take on their EU pathways.


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