President: I won’t recognize Kosovo to join EU

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić has said that he will not recognize Kosovo’s independence “not even at the price of the country’s EU membership”.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

“I am not on the list of people who would do this,” he told Montenegro TV.

Nikolić said that nobody had so far set Kosovo’s recognition as a condition for Serbia’s further progress in the EU integration progress.

“It is a hypothetical question whether somebody will set this condition or not but I am not ashamed and I am not running away from the responsibility to say that I am not on the list of people who would accept going down the EU integration path and giving up on Kosovo and Metohija,” he explained.

The Serbian president also said that Serbia would remain military neutral and that its main foreign trade partner until it joined the EU would be Russia.

“We will se after that,” he added.

Commenting on the military neutrality and the fact that Serbia will be surrounded by NATO member states, Nikolić said that Serbia had recognized all of its neighbors, that it will not attack anyone and that nobody would attack Serbia.

“Why would somebody attack Serbia,” he asked.

Commenting on internal issues, the president said that he would not interfere with the government’s work, unlike former President Boris Tadić.

“Tadić allowed himself to have more authority than he had right to. It was almost as if a parallel government was formed,” he pointed out.

Nikolić stressed that Tadić would become a prime minister “if he has support of 126 MPs”, adding that he would respect the Constitution.


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