UNGA adopts Kosovo resolution unanimously

The United Nations General Assembly unanimously adopted the draft resolution on Kosovo submitted by Serbia and supported by the EU.

Source: B92, FoNet, Beta, Tanjug

Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremić presented the resolution to the General Assembly before the voting, stating that the resolution was "fundamentally neutral in status."

Serbia submitted a resolution along with the 27 member-states of the EU, among them the five countries in the Union that have not recognized Kosovo’s independence, Jeremić noted.

Serbia believes that the resolution deserves the full support of the General Assembly and proposes that the resolution be passed unanimously, by acclamation, Jeremić said, reiterating that Serbia will never recognize Kosovo’s unilaterally proclaimed independence.

“My presence, as the Serbian foreign minister, shows the importance of this question to my country,” he said.

Jeremić also added that the resolution notes and recognizes the decision of the International Court of Justice (IJC), which stated that Kosovo’s unilateral independence declaration did not violate international law, and also supports the readiness of the EU to help in the process of creating dialogue between the two sides in order to contribute to stability and an improvement in the lives of the people living in Kosovo.

He added that with the adoption of the resolution, an atmosphere would be created in which a lasting solution would be able to be found through dialogue.

“Do not doubt that Serbia remains adamant, and that we will not tire because we cannot fail. Great challenges are ahead of us, but are strength is great as well,” Jeremić said.

“We look to the future, convinced that our stance is just,” he concluded.

The passing of the resolution without voting means that an agreement was reached earlier within the 192-member Assembly to support the resolution.

The session itself was delayed over two hours because of a dispute regarding the presence of the Kosovo Albanian delegation.


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