Ljajić’s SDP to back Tadić

Rasim Ljajić’s Sandžak Democratic Party (SDP) will back President Boris Tadić at the upcoming presidential vote.

Source: Beta, Tanjug

SDP representatives said that Tadić would win the elections, as this would, they believe, guarantee Serbia’s democratic and European future.

At a rally in Belgrade’s Sava Center, citizens were called on to vote for the Democratic Party (DS) candidate, who, they said, could bring Serbia into Europe the fastest.

Ljajić said that the election was no less important than the 2000 elections, and that this was why the party would support the incumbent president.

“We expect you all to approach the elections as if you yourselves were candidates for president. We have to persist so that Tadić wins, not because of him but because of us, as all plans of a European future will fall by the wayside if we don’t win,” stressed the SDP leader.

He said that “the democratic, European and civil Serbia will win, given that our primary aim is to have Serbia in Europe, and the man who can help us achieve that goal the quickest is Tadić, which is in the interests of all Serbia’s citizens.”

Also present at the rally were the president himself, DS vice-president Dragan Šutanovac, a number of ambassadors and members of the diplomatic corps, as well as representatives of other political parties.

They included G17 Plus’s Miloljub Albijanić, the DSS’s Nenad Popović, President of the League of Vojvodina Social Democrats Nenad Čanak and others.


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