Djokovic gets the better of Kyrgios for the seventh title at Wimbledon!

Novak Djokovic won the Wimbledon title for the seventh time, and as many times before, a reception will be organized.

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Djokovic: "I've lost words for what this tournament and what this trophy means to me"

The seed no. 1 in the tournament defeated the Australian after four sets (4:6, 6:3, 6:4, 7:6) and more than three hours of play.

By triumphing in his eighth Wimbledon final, Novak reached his 21st Grand Slam title and thus once again got closer to Rafael Nadal on the all-time list (22).

Also, the Serbian ace tied with Pete Sampras for the number of trophies on the courts of the All-England Club, in which the record holder is Roger Federer with eight cups.

Djokovic reached the trophy in the Temple of Tennis by defeating Soonwoo Kwon, Thanasi Kokkinakis, Miomir Kecmanovic, Tim van Rijthoven, Jannik Sinner, Cameron Norrie and now - Nick Kyrgios.

He didn't get off to the best start in his third match against the Australian, losing a set, but quickly consolidated and later recorded the first victory over Kyrgios in his career.

Due to the fact that he could not defend the points won last year, Djokovic will drop on the ATP list from Monday and will be the seventh player in the world.

"I've lost words for what this tournament and what this trophy means to me. It always has been the most special tournament. It was the one that motivated me to play tennis. Every time, this tournament gets more special and meaningful," Djokovic said in an on court interview.

Foto: Profimedia/The Times/News Licensing
Foto: Profimedia/The Times/News Licensing

Novak Djokovic addressed the press a few hours after his triumph at Wimbledon.

Djokovic celebrated after three hours of play against Nick Kyrgios, 4:6, 6:3, 6:4, 7:6 (3).

"I am in the seventh heaven and I am overwhelmed with happiness. This tournament has always been something special for me, because it is why I started playing tennis as a child," says Novak.

In an interview after the match, Djokovic said: "The more you play the big matches, the more experience you have. The more experience you have, the more you believe in yourself. The more you win, the more confident you are. It's all connected. Obviously it's all coming together. I feel like in the last couple of years for me age is just a number. I've said that before. I don't feel that I'm old or anything like that. Obviously things are a bit different and you have to adjust and adapt to your, so to say, phases you go through in your career".

"I did feel before the semis and also finals today slightly different emotion in terms of expectations, the tension buildup that I have maybe in the past because of, as I said, history is on the line, I'm aware of it, even though I was trying not to think about it too much, trying to approach this match as any other match. Sometimes the things are so big off the court that it's hard to avoid them in a way", Djokovic added.

Unlike some previous situations, in this final he had significantly more support, as "Nole, Nole" could often be heard from the stands.

"I felt love and support from the audience, I am grateful to them for that. Every player wants to feel support on court, it is definitely easier when they support and cheer you on," Novak added. This was his first win against Kyrgios.

"This was a final against a player who didn't have a chance to play it before. He had nothing to lose, and I lost both previous matches. In the end, I managed to handle everything very well. It's hard to read his serve, first and second. It puts extra pressure on you. It's frustrating to see the ball just fly by you. I was good from the baseline though. I served when I needed to, maybe the second one could have been better. In the fourth set, there were a few close times, but then I got out of trouble with ace serves. The key was the tiebreak, I was forcing him to hit more shots. I knew that calmness was one of the key elements," Novak added.

Djokovic also said that Nick will probably be annoyed because of the easy loss of the game in the third set, when he was 40:0 on his serve.

"I didn't win it, he lost it. He will probably be very upset about that," said the Wimbledon champion. Djokovic also said that he feels great relief after everything that has happened since the start of the season.

"This is a relief considering everything that has happened this year. I don't feel pressure to end my career in a year, two, three. I want to be healthy and calm in my mind to continue competing with the young lions", said Djokovic, who did not want to reveal what his "magic drink" was in the past few days. He added that he now wants to rest.

"I'm on vacation now. I'll definitely rest for the next few weeks, then I'll wait for hopefully good news from the USA. If that doesn't happen, I won't worry about chasing points, we'll see what my schedule will be like," Djokovic concluded.


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