Hague wants Seselj to return to detention unit

The Appeals Chamber of the Hague Tribunal has decided to annul the decision to grant Vojislav Seselj temporary release wants him ordered back in prison.

Source: B92

The Appeals Chamber has ordered the Trial Chamber to immediately order Seselj to return to the Hague detention unit.

After this has happened, the Appeals Chamber announced, Serbia and the Netherlands will once again declare themselves on the possibility of his release, while the Trial Chamber will afterwards assess the possibility of once again granting him temporary release.

The leader of the Serb Radical Party (SRS) was incarcerated from early 2003 until November 6, 2014, when he was set free in order to receive treatment for liver cancer. He has been charged with war crimes and the Hague Tribunal is yet to deliver a verdict in his trial.

The temporary release was granted with the Serbian government providing guarantees that Seselj had "rejected."

Prior to this, it was said that the conditions for his temporary release would include house arrest, police escort during medical treatment, ban on communications with victims related to his case, ban on public commenting on the case, confiscation of his passport, and ban on taking part in the political life.

However, the actual conditions of this release have not been published and remain secret.

Since he returned to the country, Seselj has taken part in the political life, speaking at rallies and SRS campaigns, but has not commented on any issues related to the Hague indictment against him.

Last November, he suggested that he would not voluntarily return to the detention unit of the Tribunal.

The Appeals Chamber was deciding on a Hague Prosecution complaint, that said Seselj's behavior while in Serbia "betrayed the trust of the court" as he "threatened people who cooperate with the prosecution and said he would not return to the Hague, violating the conditions for his release."

The prosecution also questioned assessments about this poor health and asked for the conditions, should he be released again, to be more strict.

The Trial Chamber previously rejected the prosecution's request to once again incarcerate Seselj, but the Appeals Chamber has now accepted it.


"It would be best if Seselj surrendered"

Rasim Ljajic says that when it comes to Vojislav Seselj, he government "will make the best decision with the aim of preserving the overall stability."

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