1.5 salaries needed to cover "average consumer basket"

The average consumer basket totaled some RSD 64,000, while the minimum consumer basket was worth RSD 33,631 last November.

Source: Tanjug

The Ministry for Foreign and Internal Trade released the data on Monday, and explained that this means that the cost of the average consumer basket equaled 1.51 average monthly salaries in Serbia.

The minimum consumer basket, on the other hand, was worth 0.79 average salaries - which reached RSD 42,395 (EUR 380) in the same month.

Purchasing power measured by the ratio of the average net salary and the average and minimum consumer baskets in November was higher than in October, thanks to the increase of the consumer baskets' values and the rise in the average net salary, the ministry said.

On average, consumer prices in November 2012 compared to the previous month remained the same, the official statistics show.

In all cities with statistics records, the average net salary covered the minimum consumer basket but it was not sufficient to cover the average consumer basket.

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