ANEM reacts to irregularities in TV license tender

ANEM is protesting because Public tender for national TV license has been announced, although, neither formal nor material conditions prescribed by the Law on Broadcasting, has been met.


ANEM requests from Republic Broadcasting Agency (RBA) to explain:

What is the legal basis for announcement of the Public tender, having in mind that Rulebook on Allotment Plan will be entered into force on November 2nd 2013?

Are 21 frequencies listed in the Public Tender really enough to ensure TV signal coverage for 60% of the population of the Republic of Serbia in the way that is prescribed by the Law on Broadcasting?

How it is possible that Public Tender is announced also for some frequencies which are not available according to the official register of Republic Agency for Electronic Communications (RATEL), having in mind that for those frequencies radio-station license have been issued to the Public Entity „Emisiona tehnika i veze“, with expiration date on June 16th 2015?

Why Public Tender has been announced also for the frequencies once belonged to Super TV from the City of Subotica, which used to be commercial broadcaster for the territory of Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and TV Zona from the City of Nis, and why Public Tender for regional and local coverage hasn’t been announced for those frequencies, having in mind that RBA had legal obligation to announce Public Tender once frequencies become available?

ANEM warns that from the revocation of the national broadcaster license in October last year, the whole Public tender process has been followed by a number of controversies. Insistence for RBA to hold a previous unsuccessful tender jeopardized the DSO Process and even European integration of the country, which was also position of local experts and the European Commission. The latest activities of RBA threatens legal certainty, having in mind that Public Tender is announced completely opposite of the lawful procedure, and which not only fundamentally violates the media market, but also misleads future participants in the public tender since it is not clear whether they will actually get license for the national coverage.

Bearing in mind that the public has a legitimate interest to know all the details that accompany the announcement of public tender, ANEM has sent request for access to information of public importance to the RBA on October 31st 2013.

The request (in Serbian) can be downloaded here

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