1. Casual Onlooker is incapable of addressing either the facts or the arguments supplied, so he turns to broad brush ad hominem attacks against everyone who's opinion or analysis doesn't agree with his own naive one - 'Casual' indeed!.
    (EU Dude, 2 June 2015 15:36)

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  2. Unpleasant topics will be discussed with the arrival of American Vice President Joe Biden? Holy cow, I wonder if unpleasant topics such as who is the Board of Directors of gas in the Ukraine, hence the conflict with Russia or the "collateral damage" of Serbia from bombings or American companies running wild from Trepca mines and elsewhere and on and on and on. You get the point. There is a reason why Serbia needs to be dependent on American gas, and the vice president is coming Wednesday to ensure the little Balkan people called the Serbs behave. Follow the paper trail. On that note have a blessed Memorial Saturday.
    (Ilija, 30 May 2015 20:23)

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  3. If Serbia truly would like to cut it's reliance on foreign oil, it should seek Japanese assistance in building a domestic car which uses near-zero fuel hybrid technologies.
    (The voice of Reason, 30 May 2015 16:15)

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  4. EU Dude and svabo,

    Unfortunately, the fear in your voices and your clearly false assumptions lead me to believe you are in a state of panic concerning Serbia. If you had your wits about you, a more realistic argument could have been made. However, as with most people that have emotional feelings toward their country, you, predictably, express your deep seeded desires in place of facts. What you are witnessing is the sad end game for Serbia. She supported the wrong powers at the wrong time and, consequently, will pay dearly for her mistakes.
    (Casual Onlooker, 30 May 2015 05:06)

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  5. To no-one in particular:

    Oh FFS, just look at a map!

    TAP - Transexual Adriatic Pipeline goes from EAST to WEST. Do you understand that bit?

    Right, TESLA/ex South Stream/whatever goes SOUTH to NORTH. Get it?

    Serbia/Macedonia/Bosnia etc. still need to be served by a pipeline and only a complete S/N one makes sense, not some nebulous East Ring Romanian/Bulgaria pipeline that would take a long and expensive circuitous rout. Transit fees and shit people...

    There is no contradiction in having TAP & TESLA. First and foremost, there needs to be sufficient capacity and supply, Turkish Stream@63bcm and fully supplied. TAP depends on the biggest dictator (and friend of the West, Aliev in Azerbaijan who of course would not 'use energy as a weapon') and cannot supply equivalent gas volumes from the Shah Deniz field anywhere near as soon as the Russian option.

    Not only that, but the EC has given TAP an exemption from the EU's Third Energy Package, the same one that it insists Russia must follow.

    If you really want f/k ups, just leave it to my ever reliable neighbors in the EP and EC. BTW, on Wednesday, the center of Europe (Brussels, innit?) stopped all flights because Belgocontrol lost its electricity supply and all radars stopped functioning. Welcome to U-Rope! All you migrants can come and dig through our trash outside supermarkets in competition with the locals...
    (EU Dude, 29 May 2015 22:01)

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  6. Reconcile yourself with Turkey or get eaten by the wolves. Chose, if you prefer a Russian or American wolf. Turkey is equally hated by Russia and the West. Turkey is in their crosshairs and one step away from destruction. Turkey needs an ally in the Balkans desperately and Serbia needs a gateway out this Europe desperately.
    (svabo, 29 May 2015 20:58)

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