Judicial approach on Kosovo

A year ago today, a great disturbance with global implications was felt throughout the international system - the unilateral declaration of independence by the ethnic-Albanian authorities of Serbia's southern province of Kosovo.

President Boris Tadić Source: Washington Times
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  1. After all, according to Albanians the whole world belongs to them.
    (MikeC, 21 February 2009 10:09)

    No matter what other people say or do, your rigid views towards k albanians are self explenatory and they merit no attention. Perhaps, you should relfect on your comments and then criticaly review your literature and its souces.
    More to the point, Mr Tadic given the circumsantce but mainly due to the pressure from the radicals in serbia has to say something like this in order to keep the eu path live.
    (M, 22 February 2009 18:36)
  2. I don't understand when Tadic says Unilateral Indipendenc of Kosova. I've never read or heard or read that there is a bilateral or trilateral or multilateral indipendence. Can anybody here explain this to Mr. Tadic because he is confused somehow and also he is confusing others as well.
    (Toni, 22 February 2009 08:43)
  3. "Serbia has the right for the judicial approach, hopefully they will accept every decission".

    The question is not wheter Serbs will accept the ICJ decision but if the Albanians will.
    (MikeC, 21 February 2009 14:15)
  4. Anyway Serbia still has kept a destructive approach on Kosovo by trying to make life in Kosovo as difficult as possible. Nevertheless Albanians have prooven great maturity and patience by keeping calm. Kosovo keeps on beeing peaceful. The only victims since independece was a young man killed in the US embassy in Belgrade, which was set on fire and a UNMIK policeman shot in northern Mitrovica during a violent Serb demonstration.
    Serbia has the right for the judicial approach, hopefully they will accept every decission.
    (Jeremia M., 21 February 2009 13:21)
  5. Sidi

    "You call Albanians in Kosova "settlers from Albania"? Do you got any proof of that besides Wikipedia and Serbiana.com"

    Isn't that proof enough? Do you have any proof that this is not how it is? What proof do you have that Albanians settled in Kosovo before the Serbs? How come there are Serbian churches and monasteries that dates back much longer than any mosque? You simple don't have any historical proof that Albanians settled Kosovo before anyone else. You just claim that's how it is and expect everyone to buy it. The fact is that Albanians became a large majority in Kosovo due to high birthrates and an influx of Albanians during the last years of Enver Hoxha's rule. Deep down inside Albanians know that Kosovo doesn't belong to them but to justify to themselves and to others that it does you come up with fantasy stories to pursuade yourselves of another reality. You have taken Kosovo and will continue to steal other peoples territory. After all, according to Albanians the whole world belongs to them.
    (MikeC, 21 February 2009 10:09)
  6. "For the first time in the history of our region, an issue of such fundamental importance and complexity - passionately involving all at once identity, boundaries, communal rights and opposing historical narratives - has not resulted in armed conflict."

    What hypocrisy! The armed conflict occurred before Mr Tadic came to power, matter of fact, Tadic was brought to power as a result of that armed conflict. Serbs would still have had Slobo running Serbia if it were not for the armed conflict with the Albanians and the rest of the world.
    (albi, 21 February 2009 05:56)
  7. Tadic: "From the very onset of this grave crisis, we ruled out the use of force"

    Sidi says: As if you had a choice on that. What do you think would have happened if you tried to use military force? America would have bombed you again. Especially when our friend Bush was in office. We all know that the moment you see an opportunity you will try to invade militarily, which is why the West, led by Germany is arming and training a Kosovan Army. So that this time around you will not face a guerilla force, but an actual military force, no matter the fact that it is much smaller than yours.

    To MikeC above:

    You call Albanians in Kosova "settlers from Albania"? Do you got any proof of that besides Wikipedia and Serbiana.com? Show me some non-Serb/Russian literature on this please, because its definitely something that I missed during my education both in Albania and here in America. Maybe I learned the wrong version of history here in the evil West. Meanwhile, until you can prove me wrong, I will call Serbs immigrants from the Ural Mountains who invaded the Balkans during the Slav migrations of the 6th and seventh centuries, nearly two thousand years after the predecessors of the modern-day Albanians. Again, prove me wrong with some respectable academic literature (Serbian Academy of Science excluded) that says otherwise.
    (Sidi, 20 February 2009 04:14)
  8. As long as Serbia does not recognize the illegal breakaway republic of Kosovo it will always belong to Serbia. Turks occupied Kosovo for 500 years but eventually it was retaken by the Serbs. What the Albanians have done is shamefull to say the least. Escaping Albanian poverty and comming to Kosovo only to now claim it as their own. Is that the thanks Serbs get for allowing you to come to Kosovo? Albanians may have taken parts of Kosovo but hopefully Serbs have learned their lesson and won't allow any more Albanian settlers in the rest of Serbia.
    (MikeC, 19 February 2009 21:15)
  9. You are claiming something that isn't yours as the Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries built over the last 1300 years clearly indicate.
    (Crno, 19 February 2009 17:15)
  10. President Tadic: be wise when you decide on what to answer on the request of Kosova to be recognized from Serbia.

    This will be the new and the only frontier of negotiation between Kosova and Serbia.

    So be wise, be responsible at least once in your history about the fate, the peace in the region and not only about your egoistic nationalism and hegemony.
    (ben, 19 February 2009 16:16)