1. Just to explain to everyone.

    This is not only about military. (Do I care about TU bombers fly around Greenland? Do I care about US airplanes flying around Russia?).

    A significant part of OpenSkies is about civil flights. As the successor of East Germany, Lufthansa is involved. So is LOT (Polish Airlines), CSA (Czech Airlines), Aeroflot.
    In the reciprocity, United and American.

    Not enough everyone got their COVID-treatment, Trump made an extra "gift".
    If things continue as they are, the winners are Rose Butterfly Wings of China.
    Because a Budapest-Beijing or Moscow-Beijing round-trip is $400 and Beijing-San Francisco round-trip is an other $400. Not the flights you want to take, but you are welcome.

    With the "Open Skies" going to end, Munich - San Francisco round-trip is going to be $2000, Moscow - LA round-trip is same thing.

    Who's the winner? Comrade Xi and Trump's insanity.

    Alternative: Manchester - Austin - Manchester for $600 or Frankfurt - NY - Frankfurt for $500, with Singapore Air. But than, I have to use my Amtrak miles (which is not everyone's fun) to reach the destination.

    All this to re-new my driver's license, visit my employer or buy a new car. Feek you, Trump. Not enough this COVID, you made our life miserable. You the worst president of the country, go to hell.
    (Ataman, 22 May 2020 16:07)

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  2. Every other day Trump does some wise thing.
    With such presidents as Trump, America does not need any enemy.
    (Ataman, 22 May 2020 06:03)

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