1. >>>Austrian border control is not justified

    The Austrian border control - like the German on the Austrian border is a piece of joke. It is very easy to by-pass it if you know the "proper" border crossing.

    Happened with me countless times. I knew, there is a huge line on the main Hungarian-Austrian border crossing, so I took a de-tour, by-passing the stupidity.

    Same on the Austrian-German border.

    All this is done for stupid political reasons - but it costs us a lot.

    BTW: there is a good chance anyone will be stopped later, so if you have anything to fear, simply do not travel.

    The by-pass is advised for people in hurry or who are p*ssed off regarding the stupidity. If you want to smuggle, the news aren't good regardless of these "border controls".
    (Honcho, 27 June 2018 17:20)

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