1. A year to remember and a Prime Minister to Forget. Zaev has forgotten all he has promised to do and not to do. He betrayed his country and the native peoples of the Macedonian Nation. He has has managed to do in 3 years what the Turks could not do in 500 years, with the flick of a pen, he has wiped out the Macedonian Nation, the language and the people, all to please a neighboring government who claim to country names, two languages and two nationalities on the same soil. Maybe Greece can no set it's sights on China, this may be greek too. A Soros payed genocide. Zaev will not be in a for second term, but we all knew that, he is a handsomely payed Soros puppet who is put in place to serve an agenda at the price of a people lives and history.
    (Alexander, 21 June 2018 23:42)

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