Impunity and journalist safety are priority - OSCE media rep

The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media plays a vital role that is valued by journalists and media freedom groups for its ability to speak out in defense of press freedom in participating states of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

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  1. No-one has mentioned that Donald Tusk, when Prime Minister of Poland, had the secret service review all mobile phone billing details of journalists in order to blow their contacts. He also had journalists sacked regularly, including the editor of Fakt newspaper. One magazine, state-owned, was closed when it produced a story about the Smolensk crash that was at odds with Tusk's line. It went on and on - the state control of the media was immense and continued for 25 years. And no-one said a word in the West. Now we have pluralism in the media for the first time since 1939 there is apparently a problem.
    (David Stephensoa, 2 November 2017 17:25)

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