Kosovo govt. announces new round of talks

The sixth round of Belgrade-Priština talks will be held in Brussels on July 20-21, the Kosovo government stated Friday.

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  1. "Just to clear the deck, we are not talking about the "democratic" Iran here, right?
    (JohnC., 16 July 2011 15:56)

    No, this is about the 'democratic Kosovo' where no political candidates were banned from participate in advance, but the elections were manipulated - even more primitively and more visible than in Iran, btw., with 114% or so of the people eligible have casted theeir votes and similar results.
    (Analyst, 17 July 2011 17:30)

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  2. mr. gold.....what do you mean that the northern portion of Kosovo cannot be under the sovereignty of Pristina? Mexico City recently demonstrated that a surge can bring organized crime / drug cartels to their knees......we could send police (KP), the army (KSF), swat (ROSU), and I'm sure things would change in 24 hours; if need be even send KFOR / EU police.

    On the other hand Pristina is regaining sovereignty through soft power as opposed to hard power (described above). Since you haven't noticed Belgrade is slowly distancing itself from the radical mega nationalistic "parallel institutions", it's only a matter of time when Belgrade stops funding them.

    (KOSO, 16 July 2011 20:17)

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  3. An ACTUAL compromise between the 2 sides would be for the Serb areas in Kosovo to remain controlled by Serbia and not "integrated" with Alb. parallel institutions. In return, Serbia will recognize documents and everything else from Pristina short of formal recognition. Pristina could not seek for UN membership but would be allowed to attend meetings under their own flags and whatever.

    Those are compromises. All of Kosovo under Alb jurisdiction is NOT compromise. Even North Kosovo is NOT a compromise because, simply there is no way that area would ever be ruled by Pristina. Impossible.

    Serbia should insist on nothing less than complete control of North Kosovo (already has it), Gracanica, Strpce, East. Gnjilane and all Serbian Orthodox churches and Monasteries be completely controlled by Serbia, Serbs, the Serbian Orthodox Church and is out of the jurisdiction for Pristina.

    Your demographic majority cannot be ignored. (it never really was) but you will not be able to have Serbia completely erased from Kosovo. The remaining parts where Serbs live, MUST be under the control of Serbia. A responsible pro Serbian government would also call on the BRIC countries to set up a rule of law mission in the Serbian parts of Kosovo. It would ensure things are going towards the right path for both people. As you Albs. have your EULEX. Problem is Tadic & Co. think EULEX is also on their side ahahaha. I'm also positive judges, policemen ECT. will happily come on a mission outside their country. It boosts political influence for the countries involved, as well as give those people from BRIC countries jobs. Followed by asking the SCO (Shanghai Corporation Organization) military to install small bases in the Serb areas of Kosovo for protection.

    If Serbia offered enough incentives to these countries, they would respond positively. But the policy for Belgrade currently is, stretch ourselves too thin, give all our resources to join the EU and whatever is leftover, we then talk to actual emerging global superpowers...it doesn't make sense.

    The above is the red lines Serbia should draw in these talks with the Albs. that are occupying Pristina and most (but not all) of Kosovo.

    Nema Predaje
    (Ari Gold, 16 July 2011 17:32)

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  4. The one that came in power through manipulated elections not so long ago.
    (Analyst, 16 July 2011 14:29)

    Just to clear the deck, we are not talking about the "democratic" Iran here, right? What happened with the recent discussion? Achmatadanbanabdinininizdad-etc. still angry?

    (JohnC., 16 July 2011 15:56)

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  5. What government?
    (wtf, 16 July 2011 12:19)

    The one that came in power through manipulated elections not so long ago.
    (Analyst, 16 July 2011 14:29)

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  6. What government?
    (wtf, 16 July 2011 12:19)

    The one which pisses you off...
    (JohnC., 16 July 2011 13:31)

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  7. What government?
    (wtf, 16 July 2011 12:19)

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