All about COVID passes - the penalty policy starts on Monday

Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, held a meeting today with the competent authorities regarding the introduction of COVID passes.

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Iliustracija: Shutterstock/David Pereiras
Iliustracija: Shutterstock/David Pereiras

The meeting was also attended by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Aleksandar Vulin, the Minister of Health, Zlatibor Lončar, and the Director of the Security Information Agency, Bratislav Gašić.

The meeting discussed the manner of control of COVID passes, reading of digital green certificates, prevention of possible abuses, as well as the date of the launch of the application of this measure.

It was decided that the COVID pass will be valid in the case of:

- possession of a digital green certificate;

- a positive test for antibodies (IgG), not older than three months and done in a laboratory in public ownership, which proves a sufficiently high degree of protection in the case of COVID-19.

The Government reminds once again that COVID passes, ie. control of green certificates, is something that has long been applied around the world in catering facilities. This measure, as well as probably many other epidemiological measures, will be abolished as soon as the level of vaccination of the population reaches a satisfactory level. Judging by the experience of other countries, this will be the basis for a gradual return to the life we ​​remember before 2020.

Four types of vaccines are available in the Republic of Serbia - the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine, the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, as well as the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines. Vaccination is possible at all vaccination points and health centers every day, including weekends.

How to get a digital green certificate?

Foto: Printscreen / eUprava
Foto: Printscreen / eUprava

All citizens of the Republic of Serbia can download the digital green certificate, i.e. the certificate on the performed vaccination against coronavirus and the results of various tests for COVID-19.

In order to obtain a digital green certificate, it is necessary for citizens to be registered on the e-Government portal.

After logging in and selecting the Digital Green Certificate service, the "Start service" option is displayed.

Foto: Printscreen / eUprava
Foto: Printscreen / eUprava

It is necessary that, after launching the "Start service" option, citizens check their data, confirm their e-mail address, and in a few minutes the digital electronic certificate arrives at the selected e-mail.

By reading the QR code on the Digital Green Certificate, the following statuses are obtained:

1) green for vaccination if the first and second dose of the vaccine has been received, i.e. the first dose of the "AstraZeneca" vaccine;

2) green for the results of the PCR and antigen test if these tests were performed in the last 72 hours and if they are negative;

3) green for the result of the serological test if it was done in the last six months (for unvaccinated persons), i.e. two months (for vaccinated persons) and if the IgG parameter is positive.

Let us remind you that all citizens of the Republic of Serbia can download the Digital Green Certificate, i.e. the confirmation of the vaccination against COVID-19 and the results of various tests for the infectious disease SARS-CoV-2.


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