Cooperation with RS "high on government's list"

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic announced on Friday that "cooperation with Serb Republic (RS)" was "high on the government's list of priorities."

Source: B92,
Zeljka Cvijanovic and Ana Brnabic (Tanjug)
Zeljka Cvijanovic and Ana Brnabic (Tanjug)

According to the Serbian government's statement on Friday - "there are many areas and concrete projects and plans in which this cooperation should intensify."

At a press conference held after the joint session of the governments of and the RS in Belgrade, Brnabic recalled that Serbia has "special relations with the RS (the Serb entity in Bosnia-Herzegovina)" - and that there are "many things that connect them'.

The Serbian PM "pointed out that this joint eighth session of the two governments has been prepared for quite a long time, because, as she said, this is not a protocol meeting, but the topics included concrete projects and proposals that can be worked out in the future."

She recalled that "the cooperation between Serbia and Republika Srpska (Serb Republic, RS) as been improved by the previous government and announced that she will try to continue this trend and that such sessions be held more frequently," the government in Belgrade said on Friday.

Brnabic "pointed out that after the session, four concrete documents were signed, and that many other areas in which there was cooperation were discussed, as well as that cross-border cooperation should be intensified, and in that sense, the use of the EU funds for this purpose."

She said that "the declaration on the survival of the Serbian nation is being drafted and that it will soon be presented, explaining that the Serbian and Republika Srpska teams are working on this declaration, primarily from the cabinets of Serbian and Republika Srpska presidents Aleksandar Vucic and Milorad Dodik, but also professors, academics, civil society organizations and others".

"Republika Srpska Prime Minister Zeljka Cvijanovic pointed out that this is a serious document and that many experts should participate in its development in order to make the part as high quality as possible," the Serbian government said on its website late on Friday.

According to this, she "expressed particular satisfaction with the adoption of the Action Plan for the development of Podrinje, the implementation of which will be supported by the government of Serbia."


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