"Albanians should take their rights into their own hands"

Hashim Thaci thinks that Macedonia "loses its meaning as a state" unless Albanians in that country enjoy equality.

Source: Beta
(Getty Images, file)
(Getty Images, file)

"Political developments in Macedonia are extremely disturbing. (Macedonian) President Ivanov has abused the Constitution and laws in his hostile approach toward Albanians who make up one third of the citizens of that state," Thaci wrote on Facebook.

Reacting to Ivanov's decision not to give opposition leader Zoran Zaev - who struck a coalition deal with ethnic Albanian parties - a mandate to form a new government, the Kosovo president said he "buried democracy, the Constitution and laws as well as the Ohrid Agreement."

Ivanov said he does not intend to entrust a mandate to a person or a party with whose platform "undermines the sovereignty, integrity and independence of Macedonia."

According to Thaci, "Albanians in Macedonia are a constituent nation and Macedonia should be a state of all of its citizens. He added that "Macedonia without the Albanians' equal position loses its meaning. "

"In the end, Albanians should take into their own hands the destiny of their rights," said Thaci.


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