"No expense spared" to secure Haradinaj's release - daily

Kosovo businessman and former President Behgjet Pacolli is sparing no expense in order to secure the release of Ramush Haradinaj, writes the daily Blic.

Source: Tanjug
A protester in Pristina holds a sign reading, 'Haradinaj is a liberator' (Tanjug)
A protester in Pristina holds a sign reading, 'Haradinaj is a liberator' (Tanjug)

Pacolli, who is considered to be "the richest Albanian," has put his fortune in the service of Haradinaj's freedom, the Belgrade-based paper said.

"The former president of the Kosovo Albanians is paying primarily lobbying groups, which should press French politicians, but also launch a media campaign in favor of Haradinaj," the article continued.

Haradinaj's arrest, the paper said, has upset Pacolli, who two days later announced on his official Facebook page that he "supports the peaceful protest of citizens of Kosovo against the arrest of a former prime minister of Kosovo on a Serbian arrest warrant."

Pacolli reacted twice more the same day: once to again offer his support to the Haradinaj family, and then to present to the public the conclusions of a meeting he had with Albanian Parliament President Ilir Meta, saying he was "convinced that France is working on releasing Ramush."

Pacolli was also disappointed that "Kosovo's Parliament did not pass a resolution on Ramush Haradinaj."

"All talks and promises failed in the end. This is the real situation," said Pacolli, as reported by Blic.


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