KFOR removes barricades in northern Kosovo

KFOR troops removed barricades in the village of Rudare around 2:00 CET on Sunday without any incidents.

Source: Tanjug

The barricades were set up by the local Serbs on Saturday after KFOR closed the alternative crossing with central Serbia in the village of Banja.

The barricade removing operation was peaceful. KFOR used heavy machines, an armored truck and a helicopter was flying over the area until the barricades were completely removed.

A bridge over the Ibar River is now unblocked and open for traffic. KFOR troops headed toward Leposavić after the operation.

Northern Kosovo Serbs in protest against the closing of the alternative crossing blocked a railway bridge that connects Zvečan and Rudare, effectively stopping all traffic between Zvečan and Leposavić, around 22:00 CET on Saturday.

KFOR troops put up barbed wire at an intersection in Rudare which was about 20 meters away from the barricades before starting the operation and removing them.

The local Serbs say that the barricades were aimed at slowing down traffic and preventing the Kosovo institutions’ representatives from going through.

Despite the barricades and KFOR troops who later removed them, the situation in Rudare was peaceful the entire time.

The local Serbs refuse to take Kosovo-issued license plates and claim they will fight to stay a part of Serbia with all democratic means.

KFOR troops closed the alternative road near Brnjak, which the Serbs were using as an alternative crossing with central Serbia, on Saturday. Two Serbs were injured with rubber bullets during the operation.


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