"Measures against Belgrade to be introduced"

Prime Minister of Interim Pristina Institutions Albin Kurti reiterated today that reciprocity measures will be introduced against Belgrade

Source: Tanjug
Ilustracija: EPA-EFE/ Petrit Prenaj
Ilustracija: EPA-EFE/ Petrit Prenaj

He explained that such measures are being introduced instead of suspending fees, because "he wants Kosovo to act as an independent state, which it is".

"Reciprocity will happen because we have decided to act as an independent state. Just as we are.

Reciprocity is an indicator of equality, not a countermeasure. We need to help local businesses to increase employment and encourage development", Kurti said.

He spoke at a rally organized by the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce that all trade barriers with Albania and Northern Macedonia should be removed.

"Economics and justice, work and well-being will be our main topics. Other topics will also be discussed, but not in full. Sovereignty and independence only make sense when we implement them.

We would like to have more interaction with Albania. Obstacles with Albania go beyond our differences. There are numerous anomalies in our relations. We also have obstacles with Northern Macedonia", Kurti said.

He added that Pristina has a negative trade balance with all CEFTA countries.

Kurti also said that unlike some MPs, citizens understood what reciprocity was.

It was no accident, he said, that he decided to talk about trade barriers and the economy, because that would be his government's priorities.

"Other topics will surely attract attention, but not to such extent. Kosovo is a sovereign and independent country, but sovereignty and independence do not make sense when we have a population that does not enjoy them. We would like to coordinate actions with Albania, to make our differences in economics and politics smaller than the linguistic ones", Kurti concluded, adding that he would carefully review the situation and take action in the interest of Kosovo and its citizens, "Zeri" reported.


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