1. There are some historical things in Parks that one comes across, but forgotten by the inhabitants of that country. Upon walking through Topcidar Park in Belgrade there was this monument, nothing too impressive until you read what’s written on it.
    The inscription reads "Here Lie Serbian Heroes" in German and Serbian.
    In October 1915, a new army group led by Field Marshal August Mackensen which included the German 11 Army, Austro-Hungarian Third Army and Bulgarian First Army launched a renewed campaign against Serbia.
    Mackensen had great respect for the Serbian army and Serbians generally because he said:
    “You are not going to the Italian, Russian, or French front. You are going into battle against a new enemy - dangerous, tough, fearless, and sharp. You are going to the Serbian front and Serbia.
    “Serbs are people who love their freedom, and who will fight to the last man. Be careful this small enemy does not cast a shadow on your glory and compromise your successes.”
    After Mackensen entered Belgrade, he erected that monument to the Serbian defenders of the City.
    Perhaps the Croats or Albos might want to point out if they have a similar monument? Lenny here is your chance to shine.
    (sj, 5 July 2022 02:32)

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