New Orleans completely flooded, people use rowboats ahead of possible hurricane

New Orleans -- Tropical storm flooded the streets of New Orleans, blocking city traffic

Source: Beta/AP
Foto: Tanjug/AP/Matthew Hinton
Foto: Tanjug/AP/Matthew Hinton

The concerns are quite serious as the worst is yet to come: possible hurricane could hit the Gulf of Mexico's coast prior to weekend, raising water level of river Mississippi to the top of defense embankments of this U.S. city.

The storm was far away in the Gulf of Mexico when 180 l/m2 had fallen this morning in New Orleans in three hours, weather forecasters say.

The states of Mississippi and Texas are also threatened with facing heavy rains.

After a devastating hurricane "Katrina" that hit New Orleans in August 2005, with death toll of 1.500, followed by floods during the hurricane "Rita", in September 2005, New Orleans haven't still fully recovered from, the flood hit it for the third time, during the storm in August 2017.

Present scenes emerging out of New Orleans show large portions of the city flooded out, while the flash flood emergency was issued by the National Weather Service, warning that this is a life threatening situation.


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