Huge Che Guevara murals become landmarks in this city

Danish-Neapolitan artist Jorit Agoch ha painted incredibly large murals depicting Che Guevara on two buildings in Naples.

Source: B92

Two buildings for socially endangered residents in San Giovanni and Teduccio in Naples are now decorated with the impressive murals.

Despite size, it took only 40 days to fully paint and embellish the buildings, and the landscape of Naples.

The controversial artist was arrested last week in Israel for painting a portrait of a 17 year-old Palestinian activists Ahed Tamimi.

The decision to pain Che Guevara came easily.

He said that the South American revolutionary was "like a lighthouse, a leading force for all my life decisions."

The residents, meanwhile, are enthusiastic about he mural, and say it represents encouragement to stand up to any social or political problem.


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