"U.S. destroying world order in Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Libya"

The U.S. and its Western partners have been consistently destroying the foundations of the existing world order, says Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu.

Source: Tanjug
Sergei Shoigu (Tanjug, file)
Sergei Shoigu (Tanjug, file)

This has been taking place "starting with Bosnia and Kosovo, and ending with Iraq and Libya," he stressed in a statement for Sputnik.

Shoigu in this way reacted to accusations made by his U.S. counterpart Ashton Carter, who said Russia was "undermining the foundations of the world order."

"Ever since the U.S.-NATO operation to break up Yugoslavia Russia has been warning each time what this kind of action would lead to in the end," the minister said.

According to Shoigu, his American colleagues were making the same mistakes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and other countries - and each time, drawing no conclusions.

Shoigu thinks it is time for the United States to change their strategy in order to avoid justifying themselves for their "assessments" and blaming everything on Russia, China, "and other countries with an independent point of view."

"The Pentagon should not confuse the 'world order' with the 'U.S.-imposed order'," he advised, noting that the defense of the world order was a natural obligation of the whole international community, "not only of the Pentagon."

"Russia has always stood for preserving a just and multipolar world in the interests of all states. The sooner our American colleagues realize that and start changing, the sooner all the accumulated misunderstandings will be solved. And that does not concern only Syria," Shoigu remarked.


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