Bulgaria facing "serious demographic problem"

Bulgaria's population drops by 50,000 a year, while 110,000 people die annually, according to Elitsa Dimitrova, a demography expert, BTV is reporting.

Source: Tanjug
(Tanjug/AP, file)
(Tanjug/AP, file)

Dimitrova said that Bulgaria is one of the countries with a serious demographic problem.

In the current year, 60,000 less children are expected to be born at the national level, which represents a new negative demographic record for Bulgaria.

In the period from January 1 to December 1, 2017, 58,000 children were born, and 53,543 in 2018.

Vidin is one of the Bulgarian cities with alarming demographic indicators. In 2017 there were 572 newborn babies, while in 2018 this number dropped to 330.


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