Bosnia: 3 Serbs convicted to total of 32 years in jail

The Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina has sentenced three Serbs to a total of 32 years in prison for war crimes committed against Bosniaks (Muslims) in Sanski Most.

Source: Beta

Goran Mrdja, Milorad Mrdja, and Mile Kokot are the defendants who have been found guilty, Beta reported.

Ranko Mrdja has been acquitted of all charges, RTRS said on Tuesday.

Goran Mrdja was sentenced to 14 years in prison for the murder of Hasib Velic, and for rape, and other inhumane acts, while Milorad Mrdja was sentenced to eight years for a rape committed in the area of the Sanski Most municipality.

The ruling, which is not final, awarded the victim 20,000 marks in damages, to be paid by Goran and Milorad Mrdja.

Mile Kokot was sentenced to ten years for the murder of Tahir Ceric.

The ruling can be appealed before the Court of Appeals of the Court of Bosnia-Herzegovina.


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