Montenegro to be affected by Russian sanctions

Montenegro, which previously joined EU sanctions against Russia, is now among the countries targeted by Russian counter measures.

Source: Tanjug

On Wednesday, Russia declared a one-year ban on import of some agricultural products from those states that imposed sanctions against it, or joined those measures.

Montenegro's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration said on Thursday that it "regretted the decision of the Russian Federation," and that it "ordered" the Russian embassy in Podgorica to inform them in more detail about the "special measures" defined in President Vladimir Putin's decree.

The ministry also said that "harmonizing with EU positions" was the country's foreign policy priority, and that sanctions which Montenegro introduced against Russia "at no point had an anti-Russian character," but rather came out of respect for the principles and values the country stands for in international relations.

The ministry further said it believed Russian authorities and citizens "understand Montenegro's stance and position," and that the Russian measures will "in no way influence the good and friendly relations between the two countries, nor jeopardize in any serious manner the continuation and development of bilateral ties and cooperation."

The import ban is effective immediately and Russian authorities are tasked with determining the concrete list of products.


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