Bus full of passengers travels 100 km with flat tire

A Bulgarian bus has traveled 100 kilometres from Sofia to Velingrad with a punctured tire, reports from the Balkan country have said.

Source: Beta

The incident has been confirmed by a police spokesman in the town of Pazardzhik.

The police said that the 46-year-old driver departed from Sofia with about 30 passenger onboard. A hind tire punctured on the bus while it was traveling along the Trakia highway, near Vakarel.

The driver then told the passengers that he "could not fix it, and had no spare tire" - and, according to reports, "promised they would reach Velingrad, the last stop, on schedule and safe and sound."

Regardless of receiving the "promise", about half the passengers left the bus "on a dangerous part of the road with many bends near the village of Varvara."

Those who remained called the police to alert them of their situation, and the vehicle was finally stopped as it was approaching Velingrad.

The driver told the officers that the tire had "just punctured," but angry passengers reacted and explained that the "nightmare trip" had started some 100 kilometers away.

The driver has been charged with operating a malfunctioning motor vehicle.


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