Serbian PM attends ceremony at Croatian WW2 death camp site

Prime Minister Ana Brnabic on Sunday attended the marking of the Day of Remembrance for the victims of Ustasha crimes in Donja Gradina.


According to the Serbian government, Brnabic said that we must insist on the truth about Jasenovac every day, just as we insist on the truth about Auschwitz.

"The presence of all of us here, from year to year, forever, is our duty, our responsibility, our pledge for the future in which we will know that we value life and freedom, love for the homeland, but also love and respect for another human being, regardless of religion, nation, belief, or all of our differences," Brnabic said.

Our presence here is a necessity and a confirmation that we will never forget the difficult, unimaginably horrible times that our people lived through and survived, the Prime Minister added.

According to Brnabic, Serbs, Jews, Roma – innocent people, women, children and old people were killed at this place.

They were murdered mercilessly and cruelly, without any indication of humanity, in the name of fanatical ideas, insane and unreasonable hatred, she pointed out and repeated that we would not allow the crime to be forgotten.

Jasenovac is the symbol for crimes in the whole territory of the Independent State of Croatia (NDH), she repeated.

Every day we must insist on the truth about Jasenovac, just as we insist on the truth about Auschwitz. As the world knows about Dachau or Mathauzen, it must also know about Ciglana, the Old Fairgrounds or Jadovno, Brnabic said.

In order for this not to repeat, in order to correct mistakes from the past and to leave to the coming generations a clear memory of the inviolability that happened here during the Second World War, we will make much more efforts to nourish the memory of the victims in Jasenovac, to protect them stronger and more decisively from oblivion and to show our respect for them and everything they represented, which we need to present today, the Prime Minister pointed out.

Therefore, we will invest significant funds in the reconstruction and construction of the Memorial Center of Donja Gradina for the personal commitment of the President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, and this will be only the beginning of the renewal of memory and respect, Brnabic announced.


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