Former presidential candidate and FM to form new party

Vuk Jeremic has announced the formation of a new political organization.

Source: Nedeljnik

He told the weekly Nedeljnik in an interview that he will try to reconcile "first and second-Serbia".

"I've spent the last two months analyzing and consulting with people whose opinion I care about on the best way to continue the political struggle. The conclusion is that there is no better way than creating a new political organization, which will represent certain values and represent a credible alternative to the regime," said Jeremic.

"I intend to fully dedicate myself to the creation of such an organization, but I'm not obsessed with the need to necessarily be at its helm," he said.

Before the interview for Nedeljnik and his first public appearance after the election, the former presidential candidate said he wished to consider all his mistakes and failures and try to understand whether something could have been done differently.

Jeremic, who in the past served as Serbia's foreign minister, also spoke about the mistakes, and did not hide his disappointment with the results of the presidential election, considering that he won less than six percent of the vote despite starting the campaign with some 20 percent support.

He believes that the country needs a new political force in the center, which will be open to all those who believe that Serbia needs thorough changes and a new comprehensive national program.

"There can be no successful society without free and emancipated citizens, but also without the awareness of a common denominator and destiny. Neither can national goals can be realized at the expense of the freedom and dignity of the individual, nor can the individual take advantage of all of their potentials outside the collective framework represented by the people and the state. I think that awareness of the continuity with ancestors and descendants should provide the individual with additional motivation to achieve and make progress, rather than represent a burden. That is why our options in the political center will libertarian, democratic, and national, open to all who share these values," said Jeremic.

Asked who he sees in this broad front, and whether it will be based on the dissatisfied among DS or maybe SPS membership, Jeremic said he will seek to bring to the organization as many new people as possible, those who have not been politically engaged in the past.

Jeremic also spoke to Nedeljnik about accusations made at his wife's expense, financial support during the campaign, and why he has not congratulated Aleksandar Vucic on his victory.


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