Vuk Jeremic announces his presidential bid

Former Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic has announced his candidature in the presidential elections, to be held in Serbia this year.

Source: B92

Jeremic, who in the past served as president of the UN General Assembly and now heads the CIRSD think-tank, made the announcement as he met with citizens in Belgrade during an event dubbed "Serbia in 2017."

In his address, Jeremic said he decided to become a candidate "because he loves Serbia and doesn't accept its deterioration."

"I am convinced tat together we can change this backward system and create a dignified, sovereign, and developed country, a Serbia whose citizens will be free, safe, and independent. A country where there is free and loud speech, not whispering," he said.

The event was attended by several hundred people, politicians such as Dijana Vukomanovic, Sanda Raskovic-Ivic, Dusan Petrovic, Veroljub Stevanovic, Vladimir Todoric, and a large number of public and cultural life figures.


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