Technical dialogue: Pristina refuses to talk about Trepca

The first day of a new round of dialogue at the technical level between Belgrade and Pristina ended in Brussels on Wednesday afternoon.

Izvor: Tanjug
(Getty Images, file)
(Getty Images, file)

During the negotiations, the Serbian side insisted on discussing the issue of the Trepca mining basin, which Pristina refused to do.

Therefore, this issue was discussed with the EU - the mediator in the Kosovo dialogue - and on that occasion representatives of the EU reiterated that they "took note" of Serbia's position.

The two sides discussed practical solutions for the implementation of the agreement on the freedom of movement.

In particular they discussed the stickers that will be used starting on November 15 to cover ​​status symbols on vehicles crossing from Kosovo to central Serbia and vice versa.

According to information that came from the delegations, the two sides are working intensively on the implementation of the agreement on registration plates, while the EU, as a mediator in the talks, insisted that the stickers, that will be used in place of temporary plates, be free of charge for citizens.

The dialogue continues on Thursday with the issue of university diplomas on the agenda.


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