Commission annuls vote at three polling stations

The Kosovo election commission (CEC) decided to annul the vote at three polling stations in the northern part of Kosovska Mitrovica.

Source: Tanjug

This was announced late on Tuesday by Nenad Rikalo, a member of the commission.

In a statement to Tanjug, Rikalo said that the vote count for other polling stations in northern Kosovo and Metohija will begin on Wednesday, and that will be done in the presence of representatives of municipal electoral commissions and members of polling station staff.

"The election materials from the four northern municipalities arrived, and it was ascertained that, as regards the three polling centers in Kosovska Mitrovica, no condition has been met for any count. These materials are completely useless, so the CEC decided at its meeting on Tuesday evening to annul and repeat the vote at the Technical High School, St. Sava primary school, and Medical School," Rikalo said.

A date for the rerun of elections is yet to be determined, and that is most likely to be done on Wednesday or Thursday at the latest, he added.

"After seeing the election materials from the remaining three municipalities in northern Kosovo and Metohija, it has been clear that materials are missing from some places, and that is the reason why the CEC made the decision to go through the materials in detail," Rikalo said.

The situation in Zubin Potok is good, I think that nothing is problematic there, but it is possible that the vote will also be repeated at one or two polling places in Leposavić and Zvečan, Rikalo said, pointing out that it is still a possibility rather than decision.

Asked if it is possible that the vote might be repeated at all polling places in Mitrovica, Rikalo said that there is no basis for doing that, since the closing procedure and the procedure for packing election materials were not honored even at other polling stations.

“The closing and packing procedures were not honored because the polling stations had to be closed in a hurry. The OSCE is expected to file a report on this, explaining how and for how long the polling station staff was without observers, as we have received information that certain members of the electoral committees left their place,” the Serb member of the CEC said.


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