Party official says SPS could join LDP in government

The Socialists (SPS) and the Liberal-Democrats (LDP) are not ruling out the possibility that they will both join a future DS-led government, said reports.

Source: Tanjug, Press

SPS official Dušan Bajatović has stated that his party could enter a government along with Čedomir Jovanović's LDP:

"The manner in which the next government will be formed will be a matter of politics, and to some degree also of mathematics. Previous experiences have shown that nothing should be ruled out in advance."

According to a report in Belgrade-based tabloid Press on Monday, Bajatović added that should such an alliance be formed, "a good agreement would have to be made because the SPS and the LDP do not have that many things in common."

But the SPS official, who also heads the state-owned Srbijagas natural gas enterprise, noted that "perhaps it is precisely an alliance between the SPS and the LDP that could bring balance to the political scene in Serbia".

While the Socialists participate in the current government as the Democrats' junior partners, the LDP supports the government without taking part in the cabinet. This party did not wish to directly comment on the overtures coming from the Socialists, but also did not rule out the possibility of an alliance.

"The key issue for us is what will be done after these elections, not who will be doing it. When that's been determined, then there cab be talk about who will be doing it. It is important for Serbia for our party to be in that government because that's the only way for the policy to change," asserted LDP official Ivan Andrić.

A date for the holding of parliamentary elections in Serbia will be announced on March 11, Parliament Speaker Slavica Đukić-Dejanović said earlier this month.


FM advocates better regional cooperation

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